Restaurants, Food, & Spirits

Ambos Seafood
663 E. 33rd St
Co-owners and brothers, Hal and Drew Ambos, are 5th generation seafood dealers. For many years their nationwide seafood sales have included shrimp (with an emphasis on domestic wild caught shrimp) as well as a variety of fish, crab, and oysters

Today, Ambos Seafoods is stronger than ever, carrying on the family legacy of integrity, knowledge and business practices and distributing their fine products to restaurants locally and throughout the nation.

In owning and operating today’s Ambos Seafoods, we are honored to uphold our family’s reputation in the seafood industry.
102 E Victory Dr. Savannah, GA
Atlantic is a laid-back neighborhood eatery

Serving heart and soul sustenance, exquisite wines, refreshing cocktails and carefully-picked beers. Reviving an old filling station, Atlantic and its team strive to provide a warm and lively atmosphere for guests by paying attention to detail and giving reverence to family, hospitality, and quality. Located at the corner of Victory Drive and Drayton Street, the intimate space provides a setting for first-timers and regulars alike. The front patio provides additional seating as well as a warm waiting area accompanied by tastes, batched cocktails, beers, and wines by the glass.
Bar Food
4523 Habersham St

Savannah GA
Bar Food features delicious cuisine & an extensive wine and beer menu.

Whether looking for a date night location or perfect location for dinner and drinks with friends – Bar Food is the place for you!
Big Bon Pizza
1230 Bloomingdale Road
The purpose of the Big Bon Family is to coach our team members with business and life skills while creating memorable experiences around great food.

It was time for a home base for our team. Stemming from the concept of a “mom and pop shop, corner store, or bodega”, Big Bon Bodega was born. Our bagels are boiled in malt and honey water, a take on traditional Montreal style bagels.

Swing by Big Bon Bodega located on 2011 Bull Street Savannah GA, and have some wood fired bagels today or at your next catering gig.
Blends a Coffee Boutique
102 East Broughton Street
Hand Crafted Single Reserve Coffee from Around the World

We want consumers to know that a good cup of coffee is to be cherished. To be had alone or shared, sitting down, with a colleague, boss, date, friend or during a catch up with your significant other. We want consumers to EXPERIENCE what good coffee is! What makes us different? When you come to our store you will have the opportunity to pick coffee from Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ethiopia and Sumatra. We roast our coffee in our facilities so you know its going to be 100% fresh. Our customers can enjoy a good cup of coffee and sandwiches, pastries, salads, meat and cheese boards and more. Come and join us and be our guest!
Bull Street Taco
1608 Bull Street
We dig good tacos, good vibes, good times, and good tunes…

The Starland neighborhood in Savannah kicks ass and we are proud to be located in the heart of it. Check out how we are committed to helping our community thrive…
Byrd Cookie Co
6700 Waters Ave
When Benjamin Tillman “Cookie” Byrd, Jr. took over the company in 1949, he created separate bakery and retail spaces. With a desire to play the tour guide to locals wanting to learn more about the bakery, “Cookie” Byrd opened the Cookie Shanty. Inside the Cookie Shanty, he sold traditional cookies as well as unique products of his own creation, including the Benne Wafer, named after the cookie’s signature benne seeds. He began packing Byrd cookies inside sturdy metal tins, which allowed for products to be shipped across the country, expanding the company’s reach far beyond Georgia.

Byrd Cookie Company was originally founded in Savannah, Georgia in 1924 when Benjamin Tillman “Pop” Byrd, Sr. opened a small bakery and traveled to local markets in his Model T Ford. The bakery quickly became a favorite among locals and was later identified as the “Cooky Shop,” as “Pop” Byrd was too kind to correct those who generously crafted the sign.
13 W Bay St
Churchill’s has been British Owned and Operated for the last 20 years proudly providing both locals and tourists with the best possible dining experience.

Churchill’s is a lively restaurant & bar located in the heart of Savannah’s historic district. The pub occupies the street level with Winston’s wine cellar in the basement and 10 Downing private event space on the 2nd floor adjacent to our rooftop terrace.
Coffee Deli
4517 Habersham St, Savannah, GA
The best sandwiches in town
Cohen’s Retreat
5715 Skidway Rd
we invite you to explore creative thoughts and refresh your spirit at Cohen’s Retreat

Created in the 1970s and located on Ossabaw Island, the basis of Sandy’s creative retreat, otherwise known as “Genesis” was to provide people a place to meet other interesting people. In the words of Sandy, “when you bring creative souls together, something magical is revealed”.