Welcome to Buy Local Savannah BINGO. We have put together a fun monthly BINGO game for our members to play. At each monthly luncheon, we will release a new BINGO cards. Our goal is to encourage member to member promotion and interaction with one another. So get started today to join in on all the fun!

Be there and get a BINGO square!

How to play Buy Local Savannah BINGO?

  1. Select and download this month’s Bingo Card.
  2. Complete the action item or task requested on the BINGO card squares in either a straight line or diagonal line to get a BINGO.
  3. Return BINGO completed cards and/or purchased receipts with the BINGO card, the following luncheon at the check-in table.

Bonus: Complete all spaces on the card and receive 5 extra raffles tickets at check-in for the current month raffles and have your business announced at lunch.

How to win Buy Local Savannah BINGO?

Your BINGO card will go into a drawing to win a free Buy Local Savannah membership for your company, a $250 gift card to a Buy Local Savannah member’s business of your choosing, and you and your business will be featured and highlighted in our Buy Local Savannah newsletter, on the the website and across our Buy Local Savannah social media channels in January 2022.

December's BINGO Card

December's BINGO Card

How to get your business name on the BINGO card?

In order to be featured on the BINGO card, your business must be a Buy Local Savannah member. Email your requests with your business logo, and action item you want featured on the card to savannahbuylocal@gmail.com.

Members can only be featured once per calendar year.